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Successful Startup of Yodogawa-shengyu Steel CGL

Yodogawa Shengyu (Hefei) High Tech Steel Co., Ltd. (YSS) CGL supplied by CNSE successfully put into commercial running on May 30th, which was one month ahead of schedule.

Targeting for high class electrical household appliances with an output of 320,000t/a and line speed of 180/min, this CGL is featuring with CNSE proprietary air knife and skin pass mill. Although challenged by extreme tight schedule and complicated commissioning demand, CNSE always put himself in the customer’s shoes, seized every minute to help YSS successfully deliver first order.

The successful startup of YSS CGL demonstrates the talent strength of NSENGI and CISDI. Standing at the new start, CNSE is of full confidence to be an indispensable service provider to global post processing plant.


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