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Second Design Review of Continuous Galvanizing Line (C.G.L.) Project for Yodogawa-Shengyu (Hefei) High-tech Steel Co.,Ltd. Concluded Successfully

The detailed design review for mechanism & furnace and basic design review for electrics of Project C.G.L. for Yodogawa-Shengyu (Hefei) High-tech Steel Co.,Ltd. was carried out in Hefei from June 11th to June 15th 2012.

This is the second design review of Project C.G.L. between Yodogawa-Shengyu Steel and CNSE, CNSE principal engineers who respectively in charge of process, mechanism, furnace, EIC, and hydraulic system had all participated in this design review and had brought satisfactory solutions to the Owner against tight schedule.

The successful conclusion of this design review marks the design of mechanism, furnace and hydraulic system for this project has completely entered into final sprint stage, and EIC design has been launched comprehensively.

CNSE was also invited to visit the project site. The civil construction and equipment foundation construction which taken charged by the Owner are going smoothly as scheduled.


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