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First Basic Design Review of CGL project of Yodogawa-Shengyu(Hefei) High-tech Steel Co.,Ltd. Successfully Concluded

The first basic design review of CGL project of Yodogawa-Shengyu(Hefei) High-tech Steel was held in Chongqing during January 17th to 19th 2012.

In this design review stage, Yodogawa-Shengyu Steel and CNSE had a fruitful meeting and has completed the review of 40 sets of collective mechanical drawings, about 60% of mechanical design total, and 45 sets of collective furnace drawings, over 60% of furnace design total.

The smooth progress of this basic design review made an active push on the sequent project schedule; meanwhile, CNSE’s contributions to this project were awarded with respect and applaud from the Owner.



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