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Anyang Steel 1550mm CAPL Project Supplied by CNSE Successfully Passed Basic Design Review

On 17:00 of May 13th 2011, representatives from all parties have finished signing of MOM for 1550mm CAPL project of Anyang Steel,marking CNSE passed the 5-weeks basic design review successfully.

To avoid possible negative impact on project schedule triggered by Japan 311 earthquake & tsunami, the basic design liaison and review which scheduled to be held in Japan was then relocated in Chongqing. Mr. Yao Zhongmao, the executive deputy director of Anyang Steel cold rolling project, and the delegation consisting of engineers from Anyang Steel and WISDRI arrived in Chongqing on April 11th 2011.

This 1550mm continuous annealing project is collaboratively supplied by Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering and CNSE on EP basis. During basic design liaison and review stage, engineers from Anyang Steel, WISDRI, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering, CNSE and CISDI gathered together and discussed thoroughly on the process, mechanical, furnace, electric, hydraulic drawings and TOP, excavation drawing, technical specifications and document delivery issues. The design proposals and drawings got great appreciations from Anyang Steel, and the successful conclusion of basic engineering laid a sound foundation for the coming detailed engineering.


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